7:00 PM PST

Coming Into Our Own

Coming Into Our Own | 7 pm | Moderated by Sadiqua Iman, Artistic Director of Earth Pearl Collective 

A creative, a lover, mother, grandson, neighbor – From loss to love to a one night stand that changes the playing field, these films explore identity and what’s tied to our search to express who we really are – now and in the future. Join artist Sadiqua Iman for a chat with directors as we unpack these themes.

Waters of March | Chase Johnson | 16min31sec | Waters of March is an exploration of grief and how it affects an entire family. Our point of entry is through our main character, March, who upon losing the matriarch of his family, his grandmother, becomes physically and emotionally devastated. 

Grandpa’s Hands  |Darren Colston | 14min 26sec | A young Black professional, Jackson, makes a rare visit with his Grandfather who resides in an underfunded senior care facility. After an unsettling interaction, the two finally manage to connect, despite Grandfather’s advanced dementia. 

MINO: A DIASPORIC MYTH | Ashunda Norris | 18min 37sec | In a futuristic society where only women exist, one woman seeks to bear a baby boy. 

Tender | Felicia Pride | 14min 59sec | After an unexpected one night stand, two women at very different stages of their lives, share an even more intimate morning after. Learn about LGBTQ people who changed the world at BlackPast.org: https://www.Blackpast.org/pride-uplifting-lgbtq-history-Blackpast-org 

2 Black Boys | Rachel Myers| 6min 27sec | Giovanni Adams’ poetry on his Black queer journey from boyhood to manhood, isolation to intimacy, roots the narrative of this film that combines spoken word, dance, and song. 

Fear in Sanity | Bianca Malcolm | 12min 42sec | After suffering a brutal loss, a widow succumbs to her fears, gives up on the world, and imprisons herself in her home. But just when she decides to better herself, she discovers that she may not be as alone as she thought. 

A Mother | Natasha Ngaiza | 15min 49sec | As a town copes with the disappearance of a little girl, a mother of two must come to terms with her own decision to abort an unexpected pregnancy. 

The Corner Store | Winter Coleman | 14min 4sec | Tired of the unsolved sexual assaults in her neighborhood, Olivia decides to get rid of the problem herself, one kill at a time. 

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