4:00 pm PST

Our Community, Our Family: Stories of Youth and Wisdom Across Generations

Our community, Our Family: Stories of Youth and Wisdom Across Generations | 4 pm | Moderated by Myisa Plancq-Graham, published Photographer and Emmy nominated Producer & Filmmaker 

Join for a celebration of fresh talents, the journey to join the elders and the stories woven in between. 

CRASH Youth Workshop Short Films | Various | 17min

Through our ongoing partnership with SIFF, LANGSTON hosted 25 youth between the ages of 9-12, in a series of multiple three-Saturday, 8-hour immersive filmmaking workshops. The youth created short films around culturally appropriate themes based on historical figures of the Central District, specific social justice issues in the community, and issues that are important to them. 

Langston Hughes History 4min 11 sec

Life in the Industry 3min

All About Me 2min 41sec

Azeb Tuji 2min 57sec

A Look Into NAAM 4min

Godspeed | Sade Abiodun | 6min 9sec

Godspeed is a meditative film that explores the notions of personhood, faith, and intergenerational community. Black girl as she becomes a Black woman, she draws strength from the one person who knows her best: her mother. 

Hidden Faces | Shannon Dion | 15min 15sec

A biracial young woman lies about her identity on a job application. When she is called in for an interview, she finds herself in an unusual situation, and must choose between who she is, or the person she desires to be. Read about the history of “passing” at BlackPast.org: https://www.Blackpast.org/african-american-history/passing-passing-peculiarly-american-raci al-tradition-approaches-irrelevance/ 

Furtherance | Chavez Caley | 13min 30sec

High school freshman Jalen Young, placed on the autism spectrum, must call upon his inner superhero to confront habitual bullying by other students. 

Little Men | Ayesha Adu | 23min 25sec

Taking place in 1989, Little Men is a compelling winter tale of two endearing 10-year-old boys, Andre and Marcus. Their friendship is tested after they make a startling discovery on the way to school. An existential crisis occurs after an action by one of the boys. 

Run Little Boy | Dominick A.D. Bedasse | 4min 31sec

A young boy who must survive a nightmarish world systematically designed to kill him. As elements threaten the boy’s life in the film, he quickly learns that he must be courageous in order to survive. Learn more about police brutality at BlackPast.org: https://www.Blackpast.org/Black-lives-matter-movement-2013/ 

BLOOM | Christopher B. Derrick, William A. Derrick III | 7min 31sec

A young Black teen writes the rhyme of his life to declare his love for the girl of the rap battle champion. Learn more about the history of hip hop at BlackPast.org: https://www.Blackpast.org/african-american-history/rap-hip-hop/ 

Free Weekend | Victor Jones | 14min 4sec

The family is going to spend an entire weekend off the grid. No cell phones, no laptops, no video games, no nothing?