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2(06) The Break Live Stream

Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute 104 17th Ave South, Seattle

2(06) The Break taps into the cultural and technical zeitgeist of multiple eras and presentation genres. From radio DJs who play tracks interspersed with cultural commentary to party DJs who turn up the energy on for the weekend. From the intellectual and expert panel format that deconstructs and contextualizes the culture, to the talk show interview format where deep history is revealed by those who lived it. From the Black Radio where entire communities could come together virtually via the airwaves, to Black Twitter Trends and Black Instagram Live Feeds where disparate parts of the Black Diaspora gather to cohere and amplify our cultural voice. 2(06) The Break seamlessly brings these social and technological forms together in one package to highlight the brilliance of Black culture in the Pacific Northwest through the lens of hip hop music and history. In this moment of social distancing and quarantine, we are actively reimagining the ways Black cultural programming can be a balm for the deep sense of isolation so many in our community are feeling. 2(06) The Break taps into the best of Black cultural togetherness, past and present, to make this happen.

2(06) The Break: Episode Three

2(06) The BreakLive Stream Local Hip Hop Series THE 1990s | Ep. 3 Highlighting Local Hip-Hop of the 1990s Saturday May 30, 2020 7pm-10pm 2(06) The Break live streams every Saturday, 7-10pm through June 27th at bit.ly/WaNaWariLive Features: Set compositions by DJ Topspin and DJ Rocfizzle Conversation and Commentary between Larry Mizell, radio dj, writer, artist and cultural journalist, and Notework, photographer,...

We Out Here: Wednesday

We Out Here is a festival to honor and celebrate Black excellence and share resources in the Seattle area. Shining a light on artists, elders, activists, community members, and organizations representing a number of fields who are working to address complex issues in creative ways, We Out Here will feature consultations, talks, presentations, and workshops throughout the day and live performances each night from June 17-20, 2020.

Fade To Black: Candyman

Starting from 6:30 PM PST, LANGSTON will host a 'Candyman' watch party with special guest Tony Todd as part of it's Fade to Black Series. Join host Isabella L. Price for an online watch party of the film, followed by a Q&A session with the actor.