NOTE: Opening Night Performance is Friday, January 10, 2020.

Rory’s life is looking like a classic Great Plains dead-end: a job she hates, a sick grandmother who depends on her, and dreams that just can’t seem to materialize. However, a new technology developed to help humans harness the power of their own blood to relive history promises to give Rory the chance to hit a major pay-day.

Directed by Associate Artistic Director, Jay O’Leary (CITIZEN: An American Lyric ’19), this world premiere by Darren Canady, resonates now more than ever as we navigate questions of ownership and accountability within ourselves, society and the American government at large. By examining the secrets and traumas we carry in our bloodlines, playwright Darren Canady urges us to inch closer and closer to decolonizing and deconstructing the dominant narrative. Read more