Beautiful. Powerful. Love. events engulf guests in culturally relevant performances and workshops in several healing art forms. The events offer the community opportunities to come together, begin to identify the roots of toxic thoughts and behaviors that keep Black women unhealthy and to heal those roots through joy, beauty, and culture. Each event includes neo-soul cuisine featuring recipes from the Diaspora prepared with optimal health in mind and juxtaposed to show the uniqueness and commonalities of Diasporic cultures.

Treat yourself to symphonic strings, soulful voices, and rhythmic beats as they join together to create a treat for the senses. Let The Strings Speak LOVE offers perspective on the many ways to understand the power of LOVE.

LET THE STRINGS SPEAK is the brainchild of Dr. Maxine Mimms, founder of Evergreen State College Tacoma campus and educator since 1950. Dr. Mimms has joined forces with violinist and educator, Read more