Jeffrey Cheatham II is a vibrant Seattle native whose passion for storytelling knows no bounds. From the gridiron of collegiate football at the College of San Mateo to the enchanting world of children’s literature, Jeffrey’s journey has been as diverse as it is inspiring. As the author of five captivating children’s books, Jeffrey weaves tales that spark imagination and curiosity in young minds. His creative prowess led him to be recognized by the prestigious Jack Straw Writers Center in 2020, an acknowledgment of his remarkable talent in the literary realm.

Beyond his own writing, Jeffrey is the visionary mind behind the Seattle Urban Book Exchange (S.U.B.E.), a dynamic platform dedicated to uplifting writers of color. Through consultations, vibrant events, immersive workshops, and strategic promotions, S.U.B.E. stands as a beacon, championing the voices that often go unheard in the mainstream literary landscape. His commitment to fostering a more inclusive literary world shines brightly through S.U.B.E., where he passionately works to expand the reach of these vibrant voices, making sure they’re heard and cherished by all